Happy Thursday, folks! I hope that life is treating you kindly, and that you’re making travel plans! Yes, even you. You right there. By the way, I love what you’ve done with your hair.

I didn’t intend to do another post in this series for a little while, but frankly, I’m enjoying reading people’s blogs so much that it would be wrong if I didn’t share them. Again, if you leave a link to your blog in the comments, I promise that I’ll check them out and share the love!

So here’s my next five blogs that I really think you’ll enjoy!

1. Italophilia

As a massive fan of Italy, and the culture, the history, the people, the food, Ishita’s beautiful blog is a fantastic read and resource – I particularly appreciate the menu at the top where you can select blog posts according to the Italian region they focus on. She isn’t limited to Italy though, journaling her travels through other European countries, as well as providing travel tips. Highly recommended, even if you don’t have plans to visit Italy – after you read this, you soon will!

2. Alexis Chateau

The lovely Alexis is a talented lady – as well as writing her own travel blog (with awesome beach shots which make me insanely jealous), she’s an activist, a short story writer, and owns a PR company. She also has a really awesome cat! The website is nice and clean, and easy to navigate. Go read her writings!

3. Aperture & Wanderlust

Please check out Sophie’s site – aside from some very good travel writing and articles about her life, she has some outstanding photography of the places she’s seen – her recent pictures of Ogunquit, ME are beautifully mysterious and ethereal; she has a real photographer’s eye. A young lady with real talent.

4. Mindmatters

If you click the About page of Donna Marie’s attractive blog, you’ll be met with a simple statement which sums it up – “I’m a cult survivor hoping to do more than just survive”. Deeply and beautifully personal, the telling of a story of a life, illustrated with photos, poetry, and inspiring musings. You really feel like you’re listening to the story of a good friend.

5. A Mindful Traveller

A combination that I love – travel, mindfulness, and food!! Only a few months old, but already packed with excellent content, the travel writing is hugely enjoyable, whilst the recipes inspired by the travels look and sound absolutely delicious! (I’m definitely trying the Sicilian doughnuts when I get an opportunity!) Add travel tips to the mix, and what’s not to love?


So there we go! I hope you guys check these out; they’re definitely worth your time. Also, please check out my shiny new social media options! In addition to Twitter and Instagram – which I’m becoming far more active on, and sharing a few sweet pics – I now have a Facebook page for you to enjoy. I’ll be sharing some other fellow bloggers’ content on there, so come and enjoy the links! Please press the social media buttons over there —>

I’ve also signed up to Pinterest! I’ve never used it much before, but I’m immensely enjoying exploring the site, and pinning pics to my three boards – one for the blog, one on travel tips, and one for photography. Please join me at Pinterest here (I’m afraid I don’t have the button yet!), share the fun, and help me when I get hopelessly lost in the site! 😉

Have a great day, all!